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I'm so happy to have found this site! thanks to all for your work, with drivers from this site all my 3d/compositing apps runn better and faster..

I'm running xp64 on a clevo D900T (hypersonic cover/flavor)with a Quadro FX 2500 .. and 4 gigs of ram installed just 2.8 visible by the system..bios says: the remaining is used by other devices?.... the drivers shiped with the machine were 84.x.x here I was able to install newer ones. with no problem.. but this latest : are eating up my memory like crazy!! just with an idel machine.. after running an uncompressed quicktime, or using combustion or 3dmax for a while.. the performance drops bad.. If I go to my task manager/processes the nv4 .exe is going up... 500 megs .. 820 megs... if a quit all apps it stays there eating ram.. I can kill it and all is back to normal, but this acn not be..

97.44 is the latest xp64 driver I can find.. what can I do?

is this known issue?

better to wait for vista?

any help wouild be appreciated

Thank you

Esteban Mora

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this is what I mean.. ( attached image)

I have re-installed with same results

ideas anyone?



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From everything that I have heard, the later 9x.xx series drivers suck. Go back to 84.xx or an earlier 9x.xx driver.

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