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unlocked VBIOS all Dell owner


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like some might allready know, have the spanish guy Juanly unlock the VBIOS for Dell videocards. :)

works really good. before you had to reflash every time you wanted to change the clock. now is just change the clock with nvidia controll panel (or some other software like rivatuner, atitool). niiiice.

the supported Dell cards is:








citat: " Hi everybody...

Mi name is Juan Luis Garrido, I?m an IT student and I have been able to decipher the bit codes from the Nvidia bioses that let you:

-- Unlock the frequencies from both the core and the memory by software.

-- Unlock Powermizer in battery mode. Now you can select the mode "Maximum performance" runing on battery.

-- Load the optimum timings for the memory.

All this is based on all the tests that have taken place using my inspiron 9400 with the Nvidia 7900gs graphics adaptor, and with the help of programs such as ATITool, RivaTuner, NiBiTor and nvFlash. "

" NOTE: With the memory optimized and running at 1.24v you can increase the frequency (7900GS, 7900GTX, 1500M and 2500M) over 1600 MHz with no problems, however Samsung states that it?s maximum should be 1400 MHz.

For obtaining the maximum performance you have to reflash the graphics card with the bios XXXXXUOV.ROM or XXXXXXUO.ROM (according to model).

XXXXXNNN.ROM or XXXXXXNN.ROM is original bios (according to model). "


1º Burn the image on a CD using a burning program such as Nero.

2º Restart the computer and then you see DELL?s Logo appear press F12 until you see the Boot menu.

3º Choose the option CD/DVD/CD-RW.

4º Type nvflash XXXXXXXX.ROM.

5º Accept the process pressing Y.

6º Restart the computer, you are done.


good luck, its really worth it. (run my go7900gs with really high scores and with normally temp)

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