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Compaq Presario R3000 (Gefore 4 Go 440)

Guest george0123456789

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Guest george0123456789

Hi all.

First of all I want to gratz everyone around for this awesome place and work you all have done. Is amazing.

But, I have a little problem, I followed the guide and got to install the drivers on my Windows XP, I was really excited since I thought I would be able to get up my FPS on games, which is stuck at 15-17fps. The only thing is that it didn't work out that way, It dropped to 7fps-10fps. Since it dropped a lot I was tweaking the configuration, even tried overclocking, but so much mess ended up my pc not responding. I restarted the computer and my resolution was 800x600 and 16 bits colors. I tried to change it to 1920x1200 which is my screen resolution, but it wasn't working. Finally I did a system restore and got my older driver working and everything straight out.

Can anyone help me getting this issue fixed? I will like to be able to enjoy my games more. I like WOW, but I can't use more than 1280x800 ress playing it cause it drops FPS a lot. Same happens with every other game.

Any recomendations or solution please?

AMD Athlon 64 3400+

1,5 GB RAM. 5GB of virtual memory.

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You'll probably get the best results with something around 67.66. Really, you have a very old graphics card and there is n way in hell you're going to run WoW at native resolution.

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Guest george0123456789

Thanks for your advice smax

I have installed the 67.66, really big improvement, now I have 50 frames per second with 1280x800 and I get round 25-30 frames per second with 1920x1200. Is amazing how this thing works, really.


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