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nvidia go 7800 GTX overheating

Guest vfautococker

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Guest vfautococker

Hello everybody, my problem is that when I am playing any game like BF2 or WoW my FPS drops from the constant 60 fps to the 15 fps. Fans are going full speed when this happens. I tried several drivers for this. Some seemed to fix it but over time say two weeks later I would have the same problem.

I have to play games in my room with my windows open in the winter thats the only time I can play games.

I have a laptop cooler and I have 2 water bottle caps on the laptops front feet for extra liftage for the GPU. (also makes it flat instead of tilting forward)

I had the same problem with my *nvidia go 6800 ultra* . Could it be something else in my computer? Could I need a specific driver? Im not one of those people asking for the best driver for their working card. I actually have a problem.

I have had this problem with both cards for 6 months or so now. I thought the 7800 GTX would fix the heat issue, but it didnt. My computer company has looked at my computer countless times over the past 1 1/2 years. Its been in their shop probably about 5 or so months out of that time. Please can you help me.

If you need any extra info feel free to ask

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Have you overclocked it? I don't think you have by reading the post, but it's always a good question to ask.

Get a can of air and blow out your cooling vents on your computer, and try downclocking the card a bit. Better a slight performance hit than great performance then horrible performance.

I don't really know of a driver that would help you here, but you may want to try Speedfan to control your fans.

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No, I have not OCed it with my new card. I did underclock it a little. That did help a little but the same problem still happened no matter how much I underclocked it.

Now this morning when I went to go turn on my computer, the screen didnt come on. I took out everything and put it back in CPU GPU everything. I have no clue what the problem is sept something with my GPU right now.

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