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Records broken, busiest ever day by far.


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Just browsing the webstats and I see that since the release of 100.30 there is a rather large spike in how many people come here now everyday.

This I thought would drop off once all the 100.xx hype dropped.

But no, we are steadily getting busier.

Yesterday was huge (for us anyways)

Visitors - 15,000+ (twice Decembers average)

Pages - 210,000+ (this twice the normal, 3x Decembers)

Hits - 1,100,000+ (we've broken 1 million for the 1st time) :)

Unique users is around 135,000 this is also way up on previous months.

Even more extrordinary is that 10 days of stats are missing from this figure. :)

Basically we've grown 100% in just 1 month, this should help the share price :P

If your not into numbers then please move on nothing to see here

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SCHWEET......it's good that alot of folks are stopping by. Boosts traffic and comments posted, let us know what others are experiencing with the files here :) :)

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Congrats. :) Assuming that the trend continues, PM me when your website starts to get overloaded. The website for my company gets over 60 million page-views per day, and there's a few people that I could direct you to that *really* know their stuff, and how to make stuff sing. Of course we're using load distribution in addition to having a few ninja-gurus optimizing stuff.... something to chew on. Hopefully you don't need distributed web/data servers horribly soon.

Anyways, good show, keep it up and we will too. :)

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The popularity is continuing :)

Cheers for the help offered, hopefully we can last with Lunarpages for a few months.

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