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Drivers on new server


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To help celebrate the release of the first SLI Vista driver 100.59 we've shifted the drivers to a new server.

The drivers are now based at Lunar pages.

Godaddy was good while we were little, but now we've outgrown their servers.

Lunarpages should be able to keep up for a while as were on a Quad CPU server

3TB of bandwidth will hopefully see through a few months.

I think the new server is already in use, so feedback on speed of the new server is appreciated.

A big huge thanks to those that have offered space on their servers :) , we may need to later on but for now we have some room to move.

Enjoy :)

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I tried to download the 9371.exe driver, but i can not.

When i am on this page http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?dr...ype=1&dir=1,

i click on the link http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/nvidia/90series/9371.exe,

and i am going to the home page.

And when i use the right click, and 'save as', it is not working too.

Is there a problem on the servers ?

So what is the problem ?


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It works for me :)

There is a hidden redirect going in the background

Try disabeling mass downloaders, although they should work.

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Ok, that is ZA PRO that blocked it.

In the 'confidentiality' tab, the last column must be checked in green. And that's working.

Thanks everybody.

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Drivers seem to be fine for the 1 i tested at least :)

Speed was good, nothing amazing though... about 350-400KB/s on a link that can pull 800-850K/s from the US. Maybe it was just that the d/l was over before it could really pick up some speed :)

(still beats this rapidbloat rubbish... 35KB/s for 100MB file... they just can't seem to host it anywhere else :S) Gosh makes me feel like I'm back in dialup days.

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Cheers for the info.

I think we're on a 10Mbps server, so we'll probably not be the fastest, but steady as she goes.

We seem to be able to have many users online and still have a good speed.

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Yeah speed was definitely good, i'm not complaining at all, I've seen far worse! (read my last post, rapidshare is just the best!!).

My 8mb link I think takes a while to wind up from an OS source, and a 15mb file just isn't big enough to get to full speed, I'd have to try something 50mb or larger to see it max out I think.

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I'm getting 50-60 KByte/s from Germany. Thats not awesome, but I don't mind waiting some minutes for the downloads to finish. The last server was a lot fast though (400-500 KByte/s). Keep up the good work! :)

Off topic:

Rapidshare's servers are located in Germany. Thats why I can download their files with up to 1,8 MByte/s (that my maximum anyways) at any time of the day. That is also why they are so popular in Europe. :)

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~280 kb/s @ work

~140 kb/s @ home

All is fine... 35 MB in 2-3 minutes.

RapidShare spreads their load to different servers located worldwide... nonetheless my last experience was a 5 kb/s download from the least occupied server 2 weeks ago :)

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