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Can I overclock the FX1500M?


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I have tryed to overclock the FX1500M in my HP nw9440 laptop.

The strange thing is that it isn't permitted with every driver, except for the Forceware 84.64, but, also with this one, not fully (It works just with the Core freq).

The only way is to select the "Automatic Overclocking" (thanks to CoolBits) and to lunch a 3d application (I've used 3dMark06). I've reached 492.75MHz and no gain for the memory (still at 600MHz...).

In this image I've tryed without results to overclock it manually, as you can see, but the Core freq is still at 492.75MHz. Take a look.

I repeat that with other driver versions I can't gain no Hzs even for the Core, so I hope that there is just something to unlock in the drivers (I thought about BIOS revision, but according to this experience I discard this option).

Could anybody help me?

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Often the manufacturer locks the vBIOS from overclocking - I have the same problem on my Toshiba. I don't get coolbits at all and no overclock program can make settings "stick".

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Guest Buggerlugs

Hi Marco.......

If you're still waiting/hoping.........I've just installed a 1500m in my Dell 9400.

You cannot overclock until you flash the GPU with an unlocked bios.

Everything you need is here: http://home.tele2.es/jlgm/peng.html

I have had my 1500 up to 605/754 and stable on stock cooling using the optimised and volt modded bios, this gave me a 3dmark06 score

of wait for it.............5250, that's better than a 7950GTX!!

I could go higher but the standard Dell 90w PSU can't handle it

Hope this helps.

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Yes, I knew it, thank you!

But the problem is that the upgrade of my BIOS is locked, too. I mean, Nvflash doesn't work, even booting in DOS. Nibitor crashes or freezes. Rivatuner is good just for the registry entries. Only the official upgrade by HP works. I've tryed to modify the file inside with a HEX editor, but I'm not really sure of what I do. I've sent the BIOS file and asked to Mavke and he answered me, but nothing for now.... :)

My compliments for your overclock!

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