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Guest Garandhero

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Guest Garandhero


So I have a Dell E1705 laptop with a 7900GS GO, and recently (past week) my graphics card has been heating up alot! Im using the drivers recommended on nvidia.com for this Card (although they are quite old).

So to describe the problem. Basically, If I try to run 2 instances of EVE-Online, My temperature Sky Rockets to like 77degrees Celsius, and I get artifacts in 1 of the instances of the game. This has never happened before, usually I can run several instances without problem.

Secondly, Often, When I switch User and close my Monitor down, when I come back my system has Stopped. BSOD and crashed and theres a message refering to a Hardware Failure but no STOP Message, no number sequence. This happened about 5 times now.

Anyway, please help - please link and suggest new drivers If I need them - and please please tell me that my video card isnt dead/burnt out.

Well, ive been using the drivers for since last July - never had problems till now... Ive been using


the 84.63 Driver - and that HAS Worked fine up till now.. - So please advise. and also tell me, Does it mean my graphics card is destroyed? I mean how do i know its not damaged... The computer still starts up fine and can run my games and stuff so i dont think it is - but bleh please help.

Thanks Much.

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Really it's best to use the driver that came with your computer.

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