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gaming with Satellite P100-ST9412


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I am looking to buy the Satellite P100-ST9412 and I would like to know how it works with the latest games, and also if anyone of you heard if this is a good laptop or if it has any kind of hardware issues

many thanks in advance

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Well, I like mine, although the first one shipped with a bad videocard. Toshiba took prompt care of it though.

Any specific games you want to know about? Some of the newer games I've been playing are CoH, Oblivion, and CoD2. They run great at the screen's native resolution with all the effects max'ed out. The video card is limited, like all Nvidia 7xxx cards, in that it can't run HDR and AA at the same time. Also, its not DX10 compatable, but what mobile video card is right now?

Anyhow, after shopping around, the P100-9412 seemed to have one of the better price to performance ratios out there. There are faster/better laptops out there, but they will cost at least $1000+ (USD) more.-I'm talking about you Dell, Alienware, Voodoo, Falcon NW, and Hypersonic. ProStar and Sager seem to be good buys, I just didn't know anything about their quality. My other laptop is a Toshiba and has worked well through the years, so I stayed with them.

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I am totally agree with you about the others brand, that's why I dont really trust them. As I said I would like to play with the latest FPS (FEAR, Oblivion, UT2007...) or similar, but of course if there is something to compromise like AA well is not a big deal. I am more worry about hardware issue, I had a very bad experience with my previous HP and I dont wanna repeat the same error (buy a laptop and then realise few months later that series was crap!).


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I am having major issues with my Satellite P100-ST9412, trying to run Age of Conan. That's why I'm here at laptopvideo2go.com trying to understand the INF file and how to download the right modified driver for my laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction? I guess I'll figure it out eventually. I wish Toshiba had better support for their old drivers.

I'd buy an alienware next time. Nvidia apparently supports their laptops by updating the drivers for them.. versus Toshiba. Toshiba modifies their drivers so I can't get Nvidia support.. and I'm not getting any support from them. :)

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