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Vista driver for GeForce2 Go

Guest Daniel

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I know that the GeForce2 Go is not a supported or capable Windows Aero video card. I don't care about Aero, I just want a video driver that will at least enable this card to have higher resolutions under Vista. I want to install Vista on my laptop and that's the video card it has. The hardware of my laptop is "Vista Capable" so I'm sure it will run Vista but I don't want to get stuck with a 800x600 screen resolution.

Unfortunatelly the latest ForceWare drivers don't support the GeForce2 Go, since it's an older card. For Windows XP I have to use the ForceWare 60.xx series to work, anything newer don't provide support for it. But for vista there isn't, at least that I could find, a driver that will provide support for these older cards.

Unfortunatelly the graphics card of this laptop is not upgradeable (as most laptops aren't). I just don't want to have to buy a whole new laptop only because the graphics card is older, since all other hardware has vista drivers.

So if anybody know of a vista driver that provides support for the GeForce2 Go card I'd appreciate,


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