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i8200 - quadro4 700 gogl - best driver


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What is the best driver for games with Quadro4 700 Gogl (on inspiron 8200 - dx9c) ?

I had tried 42.57 and 93.71 and the 42.57 is very very more quickly...

So is there another driver that is better than 42.57 for games ?


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42.xx Drivers? Now those are old. Try the INFs from here with the corresponding drivers.


Also you really have no advantage to using 93 drivers on a NV28. I don't plan on ever needing or upgrading past an 84 driver on mine.

Even if the some of the 4x series benchmark very fast, newer drivers can run never games faster and do have more features.

I have been running 82.10 for a while now.

Also if I were you I would leave AGP Side-Band Addressing (SBA) turned off, it can make your system crash. (but gives like 1% performance increase)

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Thanks for your answer.

I just tried the 82.10 driver, but it doesn't work with my configuration (samsung UXGA).

I have a black screen with a little colored bar in middle. The result is the same with inf. files of your link & with the inf. file generated by the ehanced page (and option samsung UXGA).

I don' t understand. The 93.71 works but the 82.10 seems not.

But, if i found how to use it, it will be the best driver for the quadro4 700 gogl, if i had well understand.

In all case, thank you for your help.

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Well the thing is, there really isn't a driver between the 65.90 driver and the 91.28 that works on that configuration you have. Here is the topic where you can read up.


We have not been able to successfully fix the issue you are experiencing ourselves, although we have been able to fix the issue on other cards and displays. (not me of course, its not my expertease, go post in that thread )

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What game are you playing if you dont mind me asking?

I have the same setup and I have been trying to get max performance in WoW (yes only video game I play atm). I am as well rather disappointed with the 93.71 drivers...

A while back I noticed a modified INF from "John's INF" that was for only Inspiron 8200's with a quadro4 700 go gl. There was a 94.56 version...but alas I missed trying them by 2 days (laptopvideo2go went down.) Now I cant seem to find the 94.56 version of the drivers around...

If by chance you are playing WoW, I have noticed "smooth mouse" is the /doom for my quadro...

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