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Video Playback Issue

Nick Schurch

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Hi All,

I'm having some problems watching videos on my laptop. The basic problem is that I try and play the video file (.avi in WMP or .mov in QT etc) and I can hear the sound, but I don't see the picture. Now, I've had a search around and other people seem to have had similar problems and seem to have been able to fix things. I haven't

I'm using the 97.92 driver with a modified .inf from the nhancer page which contains the VMR fix mentioned in previous threads. I still get the same problem. I've tried switching of VMR in the control panel (of have the new version) but I can't even find a checkbox in the control panel that allows me to do this (if someone can point me to where this checkbox is is it'd be greatly appreciated!). I tried playing with the VMR+overlay settings in WMP but that makes no difference.

My machine is a Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC (I used the fix from the forums to re-enable display rotation and that worked just fine), with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 TE/6600 TE 128 MB card running Windows XP SP 2

Attached is my 'nerd' logfile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

On a side not, cheers for all the hard work and effort you guys put in here. Its much appreciated by idiots like me who just want to be able to play out games on laptops without crashes :)


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hmmm... I guess noone can help. Ok, well, thanks anyway. I'll try some older driver sets and see if that works.

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I have this same issue with a Toshiba Tecra M3 6200/6600 TE

Ive tried the VMR without sucess and dropped to old drivers in the past to fix the issue .. but id like to run a more recent driver due to little things I notice in WoW while on an 80's series.

has anyone overcome this? can anyone provide any info?

would be much appreciated .. thx


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