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Has anyone tried this to their i5150?


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It looks interesting and I'd like to try to increase airflow inside my i5150 and reduce temperatures

I'm kinda confused on this part:

Inside you will find aluminum covering the same spot as that plastic on the outside, why dell chose to do this I don't know, using an X-acto knife and a pair of needle nose pliers remove the aluminum from the top of the mesh covering the fan inlet, using the X-acto knife and pliers again remove the plastic from underneath it, when you are done you will have a nice big hole covered with that lovely metal mesh, it will still keep debris out but it will now allow for a HUGE boost in airflow.

When I opened my laptop, i did see aluminum covering the base, but I didn't see any plastic underneath, UNLESS it's actually talking about the plastic grills that are actually part of the bottom base. I didn't even know that was cuttable O_O. But I suppose since it says how when you're done, you'll have a nice big HOLE with mesh on top, then yea, that might be it...I didn't want to actually try this but I'm already used to opening up my laptop numerous times already, and those temperatures look really promising....mine goes from 40 and rises up to 50 my i8kfangui kicks in and brings it down to 40, and the cycle repeats...this is after I turned off speedstep and downclocked it permanently, as well as downclocking my fx5200go to 70/140.

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