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How can I adjust GPU Voltages?


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Im trying to change my GPU's voltage how would i do that? There a tool that allows me to?

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This is to add "unsupported" voltages to nibitor....I'd recommend you not changing the amount of active vids but just use the vids that are already active...I've had succes with this method...I think anything under 0.6 V is unstable for me...


just pm me mods if you dont want me posting links to my other forum...Hopefully, one day I'll establish a home here eh?

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It makes total sense for anything less than 0.6V to be unstable. Knowing that it takes 0.6-0.7V for a silicon junction to start conducting (and chip dies are made of silicon), i'll be real surprised if any electronics will be able to work at such tiny voltages :)

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