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Empty Control Panel with 97.92!


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I know that this board is for laptops but I cannot get an answer anywhere and I noticed that there was a thread here with someone wqho has the same problem. I tried the fix, but it did not work for me. Here is the issue (97.92 and xp64)

Ijust bought a new 8800gtx

The install went fine, I benched some software on the 8800 vs the 7950gx2 and other than far cry referencing some invalid memory everything else seemed to work.

I then downloaded ntune and everything looked ok.

I noticed that the new control panel was behaving weird. The new overclocking screens were there but then the next time, it seemed that they were the old ones, like that given by coolbits. At first I forgot about it, but today I went to look at my 3d settings and lo and behold, all of the control panel catagogies are gone except for the overclocking! There are no more 3d settings, all gone.

So I figure that ntune messed them up, so I uninstalled it.

Now the control panel is completely empty.

Ok, so I decide to uninstall the driver, then reinstall it. No difference. I read that some people had luck installing an old driver,then installing the new nvidia drivers, no luck.

I then did a system restore to the day before I bought the 8800. Then I did a reinstall of the 8800 drivers. Guess what! Still an empty control panel!!!!!

I did find a registry entry hack in this board on how to enable the old classic control panel and now at least I have a control panel! But it seems to me that the valujes in it are for an old board..in otherwords there are no special aa modes etc.

How can I get the control panel back?????

Some people have exported theie control panel registry keys from other systems, and then imported them and apparently this has worked.

Any other ideas?

Please help!!!

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