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100.59 SLi support


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Is there anyway the Vista Forceware 100.59 x64 Bit drivers can be modded to support more than just the 8800 series for SLi support? I don't understand why nVidia just added SLi support for the 8800's and not the rest of their cards too.. that just pisses me off! Mainly cause on one of the PC's I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 on has a 7950 GX2, and I "need" SLi drivers to enable both GPU's...

That's why I ask, I was hoping that since people can mod them to add support for other cards and also do quality/performance enhancements, that maybe they could be modded to add extra cards for SLi support too???

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Nothing we can do will enable SLI.

nV have a battle on their hands to get anything working with SLI.

Their main priority is 8800 as this is supposed to be a DX10 GPU for Vista.

I suppose once this is fixed and working properly they might work on the 79x0 GX2's next.

Not an ideal way to look after your customers that have spent many $$ on their cards.

nV have been caught out somewhat with Vista, it's not like Vista was planned yesterday and released this morning.

I've been beta testing it for over a year, and nV's driver release during this period was very little.

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Grrrrr.... Oh well, I was hoping since "SLi" is basically already enabled, that other cards just could be added to support SLi too.. but I guess I'll just have to keep waiting "some more"

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