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Toshiba 5200-701 - microsoft compatible display driver with XP HOME SP2


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Hello Everyone. I though I'd re post my first question again as I have had no reply yet. The problem is now I have updated xp Home updates and sp2 and updates and directx 9c and windows meda player 11.

Have updated the BIOS to the very latest one. Have updated all the Toshiba mainboard chipset and applications to the newest revisions. My Nvidia display driver is now using 19/11/2002 Standard microsoft compatible driver 36.38 and I have no control over my GPU.

Please could someone give me some help or guidance as to which are the best all round GPU forceware drivers for my computer. Ones which don't blue screen. PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY

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Do you actually have an Nvidia card, it should mention it in the BIOS I would think, if you want nvidia drivers you will have to uninstall the M$ ones completely from the device manager and then install an nvidia driver. If you actually have an nvidia card then windows update should have installed an nvidia driver for you, which seems odd that it installed a M$ driver.

Not knowing what card you have makes recommendations difficult, try 84.26 and 93.71 with the mod INF.


Look at the pictures of the device manager there if your clueless, you want to uninstall the M$ drivers, using the uninstall button on the device property page. After you uninstall those then you can test some more NV drivers.

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It should be a 420 or a 440 if I remember right... Just do what Bill suggested and you should be fine.

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Geforce 4 has problems with 80 series, please refer to "Toshiba 5X0X" topic in Software Tools & Utilities section of the forum.

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