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Hey everybody, im a forum newbie, but have read posts here for quite a while...

Anyhoo - in the last few days ive started to have an issue while playing Rainbow six vegas, where my screen would start displaying a kinda bright green colour in place of some shades of black (and for other shades sometimes too). Basically, i thought id overclocked the card too much and so tried helping the ventilation (this is on amilo 3438g). Which seemed to *usually* do the trick.

Until today, this only happened a handful of times while playing intense 3d games...but then a few hours ago today, i turned on my laptop and started just browsing the internet, and it happened within windows...not only did it happen, but it WILL NOT GO AWAY!

So now im kinda crapping myself...

Ive tried numerous restarts, a change in display drivers, change of gpu clock speeds/display settings/etc etc, better ventilation and a raft of other ideas...

GPU temp is normal...

Im now starting to wonder if the issue is actually my screen on its last legs, but as yet i have no way of testing the external monitor out, as i do not have access to a DVI screen and cant find the dvi to vga adaptor atm...

Does anyone have any ideas?

Im sure in my mild panic ive forgotten something simple...

A picture is attached to show the problem...


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