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With NVIdia no Signal DVI to HDMI


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sorry I also posted the question in the German support section:

Connecting my Amilo 4438 (Geforce 6800, Nvidia 93.81, Windows XPhome II)) with a DVI-HDMI cable to my Philips LCD TV(1024x768), there is no Signal to the TV. The NVidia software does not recognize the TV as LCD-TV or as HDMI. Unfortunately so I am unable to send the signal to the TV.

But! After deinstalling the Nvidia drivers, the connection is perfect and the TV gets a good 1024/768 standard-signal and it looks nice on TV.

?? Any advice for getting a TV-HDMI-signal with NVidia? It is not funny to deinstall NVidia every time I want to look an TV.



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I was having some similar issues... my Nvidia card wont get it through its dumb gpu that its not a CRT monitor, but an HD TV (using an T2 lcd: ASTAR)!!

but if you 'right click' on your desktop to get to display settings; then go to where you have the option to have 2 displays 1& 2

right click on them and you will get some properties, and the options to have them as primary and attached. that will get you started..

now.. i still have not resolved the reason why the aspect ratio is not adjustable when i watch a movie!!!!!!-->let me know if you figure that part out!

Good luck!

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