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Riva TNT based cards & latest drivers

Guest Xot

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Please, could anyone tell me if there was any true reason to drop the support of TNT-based cards in modded infs for series 80, 90, 100?

I tried to copy the information for Riva TNT2 from modded files in 70-series drivers to modded infs in series 80 and 90 but I failed to make it running - the driver installed but immediately after the required reboot the computer crashed with BSOD.

The problem became crucial with Vista drivers, since the new driver model used in Vista doesn't allow to use the old drivers and so there are no working drivers for TNT2 in Vista and probably there will never ever offcially be!

Are these drivers (especially the Vista 100-series) still compatible with Riva TNT2 and is it possible to have a working modification? Thanx for help!

I personally think that TNT2 Pro is still capable enough for office/development applications, etc. and even some multimedia (playing DVDs). It still would be able to handle eg. the basic GUI (not the Aero) of Vista. However, so far it is degraded to pure "VGA-compatible graphics card" which is not usable at all :-(

BTW, does anybody have experience running older NV-cards in recent applications?

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Question: Exactly how old is that card? Your answer might be one reason it was dropped. At least in XP, later drivers wouldn't help a thing at all... Actually they would probably slow the card down. It's an outdated card, Vista is new and the tiny number of people who still have them and want to upgrade to Vista aren't going to have any effect at all on Microsoft or nVidia.

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Have you had any recent drivers working under XP?

If so, find a good set (last set you were happy with) and download them again, do a "have disk" install method in vista and it will install the card, even from the xp drivers. Functionality will be limited but it *should* work... has done for GF3's and GF4's at least, not seen it on anything as old as a TNT though!!

Edit - make sure you let us know if/how you got it working :) We'd all love to know for future reference in helping out others.

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