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gforce 6150 trouble


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HP dv6000z , dual core Athlon CPU, XP Home SP2, 1GB 666Mhz RAM of which 256 MB is shared with gforce 6150.

9792 drivers and ntune

The system tune function seems to work fine (overclocks Athlon CPU and adjusts RAM timing).

But when I try the automatic GPU optimising it lowers the speed from 425 to 403.

The "test" button gives a failure result no matter what the setting is.

I'm guessing I can't manually overclock the RAM because it is shared?

Am I out of luck when it comes to overclocking my GPU?


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Don't bother. That card isn't meant for anything past running applications or watching DVDs. If anything, you'll just burn out your card and destroy your computer.

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You'll probably find the video bios is locked, meaning card is unable to be over/underclocked

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Unfortunately, this was a replacement notebook (original was unfixable from day one),

and I was supposed to get a video card with it's own Video RAM (aka 7200).

But the "Case Manager" messed up and I ended up with a 6150.

I tried getting HP to fix the mistake,

but the subsequent Case Manager was a complete bee-otch.

If anybody thinks I can overclock the 6150 GPU....I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you!

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