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Problem: Broadcom WIFI driver on HP Pavilion zv5385EA Notebook


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Hi folks,

when trying to run the most recent Broadcom driver (the one with the security fix) on my HP Pavilion zv5385EA Notebook, it installs nicely and also seems to work...BUT it somehow disables the WIFI Button on the laptop, meaning I cannot switch WIFI on and off with the button anymore... :)

I can actually switch it off ONCE, but then I can only get it back on again with rightclicking the WIFI icon in the system tray and selecting "Repair"...and after doing this, again I can switch it off, but only back on with this "trick"... :)

Actually, this happened with the version prior to this version as well, so I am pretty much stuck with something like the 3rd last driver that was released for the Broadcom WIFI - which does not have this security fix in...

Anybody got any idea on what could be the cause for this?

Support from hp is like "well, this driver is not supported by your model, so don't use it", so not much of help from this side.

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Guest dinplant

The problem is the latest driver provided via Windows update for the Broadcom 802.11 radio (dated October 2006) breaks the wifi button. When this driver is installed pressing the wifi button (just above the F8 key) which changed from lighted blue (on) to off will turn off the radio off for ever!!!!

If your roll the driver back via the device manager to the driver which is dated October 28, 2003 (Driver version the button works perfectly for both on and off.

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