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Strange USB-Problem with 2500M on a Dell M90


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i hava a really strange Probem with any NVidia-Driver > 97.46 (Dell One) on my Dell Precision M90

with NVidia Quadro 2500M (512MB), 2,16 GHz Cor2Duo, 2GB RAM.

Most of the other Drivers (especially the 100er Series) are resetting the USB-Bus of the Notebook on

mostly any Display-Mode Chnage (e.g. starrting a Game) and on UAC-Message.

With USB-Mice this results in a short stuttering of the Mouse, but Blutooth and Card-Reader are often not

restarted properly after that short reset. For me this is reproducable. With 97.46 Driver of Dell this is

not existant.

Has anybody a simular Problem ? Any Hints what this could be.



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Guest Matthias

Where did you get the 97.46 driver from DELL? Is it for WinXP? Or for Vista?

The only driver I could find was the original 84.29 driver.

I still use WinXP and I didn't notice your USB problem with drivers from here (with modded INF);

but I have other problems with all other drivers which I tested: OpenGL (and DirectX) is not working anymore.

I also tried a DELL driver v94.22 for FX3500M; this one seemed to work, but also has OpenGL problems (e.g. big flickering and doubled objects when using one of the WinXP OpenGL screensaver).

So I still don't know where to find and good driver for my card at Dell's M90.

It's really frustrating :) and no help (neither from Dell nor from Nvidia)

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