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:) The forums are once again open for business. Still no word on the recovery status. Therefore, we will just use what we have. Many of the driver posts will need to be regenerated which won't take long once we finish a program that will generate it all for us. Many of the files might still be missing and I have been working on reducing error messages as much as possible.

Don't fret as the packaged drivers were on a different server and many are still accessible through the main pages driver section.

Also to note that Pieter is away for a while once again.

Pieter is indeed away, was going to write this up before I left, but no forum to write it on :)

I'll be away till about the first week of June.

Buidling our house has taken priority.

Where we are building tecomunications is a little stoneage-ish dialup is the king, but I have to travel 2km to a shed in the middle of no-where to get online.

Once I'm back in the real world all should be back to normal (ADSL) and I'll be able to do what I do best again.

Once we shift to the new house (in summer) ADSL will be enabled to the house (needs a 500m cable to hook up to the network)

I'll try and have some piccies up later.

Try not to miss me too much :P

Sorry for not replying to any PM's not ignoring anyone just no time at the moment.

With the INF directory restructuring -- in which we have now removed the "inf" from the version path all of the forums "Modded INF" links in the driver posts will not work!

Once again the driver pages contain the proper link and have been updated.

Proper driver/INF links are at : http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers

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So I see they are open, Congrats to that! Too bad about the hard drive crash. Just wondering when you think the site will be back to normal? I see the drivers available for GeForce cards don't include the latest releases. Various other things are out of whack too but I do realize this is to be expected while the site gets rebuilt. Also I noticed I had to re-register. Is that true for everyone?

Just a thought, it would be nice to have a sticky thread detailing the situation at hand about this site. Maybe also for users to post any problems they might be experiencing.

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I just received word that the files have been recovered. I'm not sure how many files were recovered and with the forum being back open it presents a bit of a problem with restoring many of the posts.

Either we continue on from here, opt to end up restoring the old database and lose the information from the past week or attempt to merge posts from the recovered database into the current one.

If anyone has registered in the past 2 months (since Feb 20) then those people will need to re-register as this forum is running the database from that date.

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I would just like to thank you for all efforts that you have made for getting the site back up and running.

Regarding the issue of restoration and losing all current data for the past 2 months that has been accumulated here since the crash; I believe we should have a vote and let the community decide.


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Is it alright if I post here? Well, for the past 2 months I believe there was many progress as far as windows Vista drivers go and all kinds of things going on that werent around when it was February. I personally believe it would be a good idea to restore the data instead of leaving it alone how it is right now (archived fro feb 07) and continue on.

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Thanks for getting the site back up. :)

Will the announcements of new drivers in the "Release XX drivers" forums be continued? There are new drivers available, such as 158.24 and 160.03, for which there are no new threads available.



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There are also new 158.42 and 158.43 forceware drivers that are offering great boost in SLI performance. Sad part is there is no Support yet for 6 or 7 series. Only 8 series so far.

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