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Compaq Nvidia driver for Vista 32bit


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Driver version:

158.15-WHQL (avaliable from Nvidia.com)

Supported GPUs...

GeForce GO 6100

GeForce GO 6150

GeForce GO 7200

GeForce GO 7300

GeForce GO 7400

GeForce GO 7600

System tested upon:

Compaq Presario V6305NR (may work on other HP/Compaq designs using the listed GPUs.)

Features Enabled (may differ with other GPUs using non-nForce boards):

Adjust Image Settings with Preview

Manage 3D Settings

Change Resolution

Change Flat Panel Scaling

Adjust Desktop Color Settings

Rotate Display

Set Up Multiple Displays

Adjust Motherboard Settings

Adjust GPU Settings

Tune System

View System Information

Launch NVMonitor

Adjust Custom Rules

Perform Stability Test

Adjust Video Color Settings

Operating System Supported:

Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit


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Guest mrduke

I have a GeForce Go 6150 in a Compaq V6310US. This is the best inf and driver combination I've found so far. A few problems I'm having are:

1. Display will not turn off after the set amount of time. It stays in the screensaver.

2. Display goes black when Vista asks for permission to run certain programs.

3. Fan seems to operate differently than with official HP driver.

Are there any changes in the in I can make to change these things?



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