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ellows there,

I've done some reading and tried a couple of drivers for vista and for xp/2000 on my machine. So far I've troubles getting o/c to work on 100+ drivers and the peformance of 95+ drivers just seem a little bit slow. Especially running 3DMark03 showed me big differences in the results.

If I use the 81.94 driver on Vista then I get around 9000 3Dmarks(03). When I tried the 100+ drives I got something like 2300 to 3000 3Dmarks(03).

The problem with the 80+ drivers are that they don't support the Aero-interface, which makes vista looks like crap :)

oh..and the 90+ drivers are giving me around 8500 3Dmarks(03)..

So anyone have any recommendations on which drivers are the most suitable atm for vista and 6800go's? So far it looks like the 90+ drivers are the 'best' or am I wrong?

to add..I already flashed the vbios to the 39.60..

thx for any help ^_^)V

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well so far I got stuck on the 97.48 drivers


- o/c works

- aero works

- browsing is smooth

with these drivers I could o/c till 370/710 and got 9281 3Dmarks03 with it..so not too bad, cuz I got close to 10k on xp -.-

I wouldn't recommend the 100+ drivers, because I couldn't o/c with them and aero sort of stopped working for w/e reason.

just fyi ^_^

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