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Can CNC3 work on my Uniwill 259EN?


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Hello! I just bought my Blue Cobalt (Uniwill 259EN) yesterday and I'm really loving it! I especially love the hybrid feature. Got it on sale yesterday for only 39,000 Pesos ($770).

I tried some of my games like Command and Conquer Generals, Doom 3, Sim City 4 and I'm comfortably playing them at all high settings @ 1280x960 or 1440x1050 resolution.

But the thing is I want to buy Command and Conquer 3 and I'm not sure if my laptop will be able to play it on med-high settings @ 1280x960 at the very least. If my laptop can't play it at those settings, I won't buy CnC3.

Here are the specs of my laptop:

Pentium M 1.60 Ghz / 533 Mhz / 2 Mb

GeForce Go 6600 256 Mb + Intel GMA900 128 Mb

512 Mb DDR2 533 Mhz

40 Gb 5400 RPM PATA hard drive

15.4" WSXGA+ LCD screen (1680x1050)

You think it can handle CnC3 at med-high settings @ 1280x960 without the game slowing down?

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Probably, but if I were you I would throw that hard drive out the window and get a 7200 RPM 100 or 160 GB HDD instead.

How could you possibly buy a "gaming" laptop with a slow 40 GB HDD?

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Sorry. I just bought it yesterday. I'm planning to upgrade to a 80 Gb 7200 RPM or 160 Gb 5400 RPM and add a 1 Gb DDR2 533 Mhz memory module soon. You think that's enough?

BTW, the only laptop hard drives I see here are SATA. Will those SATA drives work on my laptop? I'll probably enclose the 40 Gb instead and use it as an external hard drive when I put the new one.

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Upgrade your screen to a WUXGA while your at it too. :)

Also, you really should have bought one with SATA drive support, your running out of upgrade paths fast with an IDE laptop.

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Nice, but keep in mind that your notebook is ' previous generation' in every possible way and not even top notch at that.

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Sorry... I'm just a guy on a low budget. I'm only 17 years old you know and I need it for college. I was looking for an adequate all-around laptop. Luckily I remembered the image of that laptop, the 259EN and asked the saleslady if I can check the laptop out. It was actually wrongly advertised when I first saw it! :)

When I was checking out the laptops, there was this "Blue Cobalt" laptop that says.

15.4" WXGA LCD Screen

Pentium M 1.6 Ghz Sonoma 533 Mhz

GeForce Go 6600 128 Mb

512 Mb DDR2

DVD-RW Drive

40 Gb hard drive

I was running out of options for a laptop with a mid-range video card. The Asus S96J in the other shop was out of my budget. It was 59K pesos ($1180). But the specs were good though. WXGA 15.4", Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz 4 Mb Cache, 2 Gb DDR2 667 Mhz, 160 Gb 5400 rpm hard drive, DVD-RW drive. But I just can't afford it and it seemed like a power hog with only 2 hours of battery life.

My budget was till 40-45K pesos only (around $880-$980) and the other option was a laptop with Pentium M 2.0 Ghz, 2 Gb DDR 333 Mhz, 80 Gb 5400 RPM hard drive, and a Mobility Radeon X600 128 Mb, which I find slow. And the other one was an Acer laptop with a MR X700 64 Mb. So I just chose the Blue Cobalt and I thought that the GeForce Go 6600 with 128 Mb should suffice at this price. I didn't know it was WSXGA+ and GeForce Go 256 Mb + GMA900 hybrid till I took it for a test run. :) Too bad for them they already gave me the lowest price at 39K just before I gave it a test run. It was supposedly 60K pesos but it was an old stock and they just wanted to get rid of it, even though they still had like 3 more of the same unit in their other branches.

Putting those things aside, you think it can still run Command and Conquer 3 at medium or medium-high settings at WXGA resolution? Can I upgrade to a SATA drive or must I only settle for IDE drives?

@ Bill

I'm perfectly satisfied with the WSXGA+ screen. 1680x1050 is already large for me. My desktop monitor only supported 1280x1024 and the WSXGA+ seems just so big. And not to mention the added convienience when using Photoshop! :P

Thanks again! ^_^

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Guest sandy

Hey i think u shld definitely be able to run it although you'll have to make a few sacrifices:

My machine config is as follows:

Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz,400 Mhz FSB

256 MB DDR RAM , 266 Mhz

Prolink Geforce 6600GT- core clock:500 Mhz Memory clock:900 Mhz

40 GB IDE hard disk

I'm using a somewhat older driver the 93.71 driver.I disable my ethernet and then stop all networking,antivirus.....services and programs.

I also play at lowest settings.But I'm still able to play and it goes very smoothly.To top it all on 256 MB of RAM even though minimum is 512 MB.

So I think ur laptop shld be able to run it quite well

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