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Question about upgrading my Notebook Card


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Hi again!

It's been awhile since I've had any problems with my laptop video (since Fabrice helped me get it up and running), and it's working great!

Although, it's only a 16MB Geforce 4 420 Go card...and it's actually a card inside of the laptop, not a processor integrated.

So I had a question. I've spoken to a good friend of mine for awhile about upgrading the video to a newer card. Question is, I don't know which Nvidia card to go with. I want something higher than the GF4 32 MB, though. I don't know if this is possible or if any others are compatible with the Toshiba, and I've been trying to look it up for awhile now, so I wanted to ask you guys if it would be possible.

So far, it's been working great, I even have HL2 running on it (yeah, it kinda chugs but it's because of the card).

Any ideas? And Thanks again!


3Dfx Development, Inc.


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So nobody has found an answer? Just curious.

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More than likely the card is hardwired onto the motherboard... so no upgrades.

Toshiba have never used a common standard GPU module, they are either hardwired to the board or using a proprietary module (so at best you can upgrade if there's a higher spec of the same model with better GPU).

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