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P105 s9339 Vista to XP but now fan dosn't work

Guest overheated and frustrated

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Guest overheated and frustrated


So I have the P105 S9339 and it sucks. However, I installed XP and completely removed Vista, got the new drivers, and was able to play games fine. Now the computer overheats very quickly, the bottom feels like its on fire - - and I don't think the fans even turn on. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need new fans?

Please help!



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Go to this registry location

HKLM,Software\"NVIDIA Corporation"\Global\NVTweak,MXMThermalControl

if its set to 0 set it to 1

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Start => Run => type in "regedit" without the quotations and hit enter. Go to that path until you find the NVTweak folder. Click on that folder then you'll be able to see a bunch of values to the right side. Look for the MXMThermalControl registry key and it should have a number next to it.

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I went to the file path in regedit you described, all the way to NVTweak, but there was no MXMThermal control or whatever you called it. I looked everywhere but couldn't find that file

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If it's not there then add it. Go to that same window where you were looking for the registry key. Right click that window and go to new => Dword value. Name it MXMThermalControl exactly like that. When you've created it double click it and change the value to one.

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Guest edwardtilbury

This paperweight is absolute rubbish, not even a year old and NO vista 64bit drivers.. I miss my old HP, at least HP has 64 bit drivers.

Looks like WUGNET loves HP's lack of drivers!

"Today it is virutally impossible to buy a new computer that doesn't have a 64bit capable CPU - and support for 64bit Windxows is up to the latop maker. So, if you wanted 64bit Windows support, then YOU should have done your homework to determine what is and isn't supported. "

This is misleading double talk, Toshiba advertises it as a 64 BIT machine, latest and greatest gaming, newest technology, you'de assume they'de have the common sense to release drivers for a 64 bit OS, especially since MS will discontinue 32bit os's, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You're right I was wrong to assume a huge company like Toshiba would actually support its product to run the CURRENT VERSION of windows on the market! That's just crazy! You'de think Toshiba of all companies would actually have 64 bit drivers like HP! I just assumed they didn't suck so bad.

You should read the posts about the P105-S9339 , and the users wanting to take Toshiba to court for all the problems this POS has, especially the stuttering problem with their "Gaming PC" , that could't even run the games it came with properly. I feel sorry for those users who did their homework and still got the shaft from Toshiba.

Frankly, I am not sure WHAT laptops makers support 64bit Windows - do you??? Obviously you sure didn't know this before you bought your Toshiba

Yeah my HP that was half the price and much thinner, had 64 bit drivers, that's because HP actually didn't want to stick it to their customers like Toshiba, it's obviously not hard or too costly for these manufacturers to SUPPORT their products with up to date drivers for a laptop that's not even a year old, HP does it and charges half. I paid more money for this Toshiba and it sucks.

Don't blame Toshbia for your failure to do your homework BEFORE you bought that Toshiba


I totally blame toshiba for not supporting their product and not releasing current drivers for something less than a year old, just google my model # and the word SUE!!! People cannot stand Toshiba, they've really been screwed on this model. I have my MCSE and I've been a system admin for over a decade, I have no idea how many computers i've owned, but I've had everything from an Apple II , Amiga, Atari ST, a gazillion PC's and now this Paper Weight, I know what's reasonable to expect from a computer Manufacturer.

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