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Problems with GO 7300 turbocache, how much RAM can i use?


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:) Hi all, im a relative noob to laptops so any help would be greatly appreciated.

My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5630 with intel duo 1.83GHz processor, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and - the problem - a Geforce GO 7300.

I have recently upgraded to Vista home premium (free upgrade - i wouldntve paid for it!) since then, whenever i try and access the nvidia control panel, i get the error message "Dev warning - Device database cannot be created! Deleting existing database" i then click OK and the control panel comes up with the options 3d settings and display settings, seemingly more limited then on XP. This isnt a problem in itself, but i have been trying to stop Battlefield 2 from stuttering so badly (It runs fine on my desktop 6600!!) and when i ran a test on System Requirements Lab, my laptop had everything for minimum, and everything for recommended EXCEPT, you guessed it Graphics card RAM.

It says i only have 130 ram which i understand is dedicated ram. However, the sticker on the front of the ###### thing says "GO 7300 with upto 256 ram" which is with the turbocache memory and in control panel it gives the summary:

Total graphics memory: 399mb

Dedicated memory: 128mb

System video memory: 0mb

Shared system memory: 271mb

My questions are:

WHY does it only read 130 ram on System Requirements Lab?

I cannot find any kind of control panel for the allocation of turbocache memory is this because my nvidia control panel is corrupted or is there no control panel?

i appreciate that the GO 7300 is no ferrari, but i just cant understand why it doesnt meet the recommended requirements for games that need 256 when according to Nvidia, it has upto 256, and according to control panel it has a total of 399!?! I cant see the point in turbocache if it doesnt help increase the graphics memory above the dedicated... :)

THANKYOU for reading that essay.... :P

Please help if you can!!!

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Guest Vijay

I am experiencing the exact same problem. My laptop is an Acer Aspire 9425WSMi. My card came with the laptop and I have that exact same control panel. No where does it allow me to increasre the RAM to 256MB or 399MB. Do let me know when you have found a solution. Thanks!

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What drivers are you running? Anyway, Battlefield 2 is a pretty demanding game (and poorly coded on top of that) and the GeForce 6600 in your desktop is faster than the Go7300. Turbo-Cache is dynamic and only uses as much as it needs, there is no way to adjust it.

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if this is a onboard vid card you mite try looking in your bios for something called agp apature size...if you have this function you can allow for more ram to be used by your card by adjusting the ram amount up....i would recomend you dont raise it to more than a 3rd of your physical ram

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