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Nvidia GeForce Go 7300: driver for older games needed

Guest FatalT

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Guest FatalT

I have a problem with my laptop running older games. The graphics in older games mess up for me and it makes games pretty unplayable. Here's an example of what the graphics look like in Starcraft for me:


In-game, the graphics aren't this bad but colors are really messed up and it's too annoying to play. I'm fairly confident that it's my video card drivers because I remember posting in a thread about the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. about the skybox being messed up and the fix was to play in windowed mode. Unfortunately Starcraft has no windowed mode option and there are no known ways to enable windowed mode in it.

Right when I load up the game on the first loading screen the graphics will be okay for a second and then they'll fubar to this:



Graphics card: nVidia GeForce Go 7300


Could any of you give me advice on a driver or other fix to help me run these older games flawlessly?

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I have experienced this since the starcraft series ever came out way back when. I experience it when I hit Alt+Tab while in the game. I just bought a new PC and have the same graphics card. I experience it when I do Alt+tab still too. I have to restart starcraft to get it to go away. I don't ever check this thing someone showed it to me. So if you have questions for me you might want to email me at waidhoyt@yahoo.com. As I won't be looking at this again

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Do you have the latest patch for the game (1.15)?

It's working good here with Go 5600 with 84.25. I had the problem but it was solved by itself after opening and closing game several times and alt+tab tryouts. Weird but did not happen again after.

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