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Toshiba Tecra M7 - Sleep Issues


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Similar to what is described in several topics on this forum, I am experiencing an issue with Windows Vista's "sleep" function. When I select the sleep option the system appears to sleep properly. After a period of time the power LED begins pulsing. When I attempt to resume the system it appears to come back just fine with the exception of the screen which stays black. I've installed both the 151.18 and 101.09 driver releases (as well as the modified INF). The 158.18 release resulted in broken hibernate and sleep functions, and the 101.09 release appeared to cause no problems, however it does not fix the sleep issue either. I specifically tried the 151.18 release because it was mentioned in an article here: http://www.superwasp.net/weblog/2007/04/fi...ndows-vista.htm. Both installations were accomplished by un-installing the existing driver, rebooting, and installing the new driver.

I've noticed there is a "MapOSD3ToNV" fix which was referenced in another thread, however I find no reference of this entry in the 101.09 INF file. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about how the INF file is structured so I am unable to determine whether this entry exists in another form within the file.

I have also tried using the "INF ENHANCER" which is linked to on the main page, but it only creates INF files for Windows 2000 / XP.

The issue is also mentioned on NVIDIA's page here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/vista_driver_news_030207.html. I'm going to try 101.41 and see if that fixes the issue as NVIDIA says the issue is fixed after 101.32.

UPDATE: I downloaded the 101.41 driver and INF from the main page and aside from increasing the version number I'm running has not created nor solved my issue.

Can anyone provide some insight or a solution to this problem?

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I'm running 165.01 (i think).. in Vista HP 32bit. I did have the sleep issue with other versions but seems fine with this. Perhaps a Toshiba+Vista specific problem?

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I upgraded to 165.01 and I still have the same issue, however I have not noticed any new ones.

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I have found a temporary solution to the problem. According to the following mobilepcwiki article http://mobilepcwiki.com/mpc/index.php?titl...tallation_Notes, I disconnected my AC adapter and re-connected it. Voila! The screen came back after sleep! I'm going to try his script and see if it's feasible as a temporary workaround to the sleep issue. I hope NVIDIA or Toshiba come up with a solution to this problem though as it's a bad habit to bandaid things like this...

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