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Quadro FX GO 1000 needs to go!


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I have an Alienware 51-M 766 Roswell with a Quadro FX GO 1000. I bought Vista Basic recently and I'm only having one problem with it. I can't get my graphics card to work properly. It works fine with the standard vga driver but not with any of the Nvidia drivers I've tried. I disassembled my laptop to see what chance i might have of changing the card since it seems Vista drivers either don't support my card and or there's a flaw in the driver package. The system won't complete a reboot after installing an Nvidia driver set. It hangs during bootup eventually showing a Blue Screen of Death listing nvlddmkm.sys as the culprit.

Since i'm utterly sick of playing with the drivers i'm trying to find an alternate card to put in my laptop. I don't know how many cards were released in the format below in the picture, and I know my chances of finding one are slim. Trading has crossed my mind. maybe someone who is still using XP would want my quadro. I can go back to XP but Vista never crashes on me so i don't want to. I had several stability issues under XP that i don't have under vista. I just want to play my games again....

Does anyone know any details of alienware's laptop video cards from this generation. I bought the system at the end of 2004. It has two flaws. the drivers on the disc stink and the system runs way too hot. if it's laying flat on a surface while i'm playing a game it'll shutdown. I have a raised platform to allow more air circulation but it still overheats sometimes.!!

I want to replace the quadro card with an alternate card which I assume would have to be from another alienware of the same model. perhaps an ATI Card...

I'll probably go back to XP to play games but right now i'm enjoying the stability of Vista.


Alienware 51-M 766 Roswell

SIS 648FX MB Chipset

Intel Pentium 4 3.4Ghz 512Kb 800MHz FSB

Quadro FX Go 1000 (NV34C)

Cmedia Built-in Sound

Corsair 512MB PC3200 (X2)

Hitachi 60GB HD

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Clevo chasis. If you can score one somewhere you should be able to replace it with a 6800 from the same model. Problem is: noone will be selling you one unless their notebook fried and the first thing tha fris is ussualy the GPU :S

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So do all the clevo chassis's use that kind of interface regardless of vendor? or is it more related to the mobo (sis 648fx). When i looked up clevo i found alot of stuff.... I'm afraid that chassis is very popular.

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