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Geforce Go 7300 Help


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I cannot find the driver for this card.

I am running windows vista 32-bit, with a Geforce Go 7300.

Have tried searching this site, but cannot find the appropriate one. I will keep searching but would appreciate any help to speed it up.

I am trying to update my driver so I can play Counter- Strike Source in Higher Res - It only allows me to run 1024 x 768. Is this a driver related issue ?

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Guest Gozza

Hey there,

I was trying to do the same thing last week. I have the same card and OS.

You should read through the stickies and faq's to get an understanding of what you can do.

The site also ask you everywhere to NOT post: "What is the best driver?". Because you'll soon realize there is no best driver. You can browse through drivers on the download page. Select WinVista and you'll see the newest drivers available. Since you have a 7300 Go card you can use any one of these drivers. But because they aren't made specifically for laptops you can't easily install them. That's why you need to find the right sticky that shows you how to use the "have disk" method with a modded INF.

I'm currently using NVidia's beta driver 5824 and it works like a charm, a lot better than the standard dell driver.

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Guest thalesj


This site is not very user friendly....

You say you are using a beta driver..

Which one, and where did you get it.

Can you be more specific?

What is the link to d/l.


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Guest Gozza

I'm using beta driver 158.24 and I got it from the Nvidia site :)

But since the inf data contains nothing for laptops I searched for a modded inf and found one over at 3dguru's I believe, don't remember exactly. I don't have a link for you because I'm even lazier than you. You should be able to learn all of this by FOLLOWING THE TUTORIALS and READING THE FAQ'S.

If you want to have it simple, just go to Nvidia now and download the latest drivers. 158.19 came out and is downloadable and installable on your machine without difficulties.

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