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Conexant has put out their HD audio codec chips for various PCs out on the market however at this time there are NO DRIVERS from either the ALSA or the Open Sound System Projects that will work with their newest chipsets.

If you have a Conexant HD Audio codec in your PC or laptop you are not receiving drivers and probably won't/ Conexant is notorious for not even supporting their own products with basic driver sets, so it may be some time till the ALSA and OSS projects even have minimal driver support for these chipsets.

You may want to look into a USB or PCMCIA Audio solution as an alternative for now.

Edit: After some research I was told the Intel_HDA driver or the NV_MCP driver will probably work for getting audio on Conexant chipsets. User beware though.

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I have an Compaq V6221EU with an Connexant sound card. It works :) . It works with Fedora 7 which is cutting edge. Are you really sure about that 'newer' cards don' t work (or am I just wrong)? :)

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What driver are you using with ALSA? Someone told me the NVIDIA_MCP driver might work but he was unsure about it.

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The way ALSA does audio, the actual audio codec type shouldn't matter as much as the controller in the southbridge. Most controllers I have seen work just fine with the snd-intel-hda module.

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