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nVidia system tray icon - inspiron 8200


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Hi, If anyone can help me, I would like to know how to enable the system tray control panel icon for a geforce4 440 go.

I know that if I use a newer driver the system tray icon comes by default, though I have experienced problems in the past with modded drivers (lcd turns off for a second when windows start up, and in some drivers, whenever I open the control panel from desktop \properties \display settings \advanced settings ).

I reinstalled winxp sp2 a month ago and to avoid the forementioned problems I sticked to dell provided drivers (newest if from 2004). In the past I have managed to "fix" the problems but solutions are usually of the trial and error type.

Dell drivers don't show any control panel where I can directly switch from the internal lcd to my external lcd (the reason why I want the control panel in the system tray).

I hope someone can help me.

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Aside from making all driver versions work with laptops, our other claim to fame is that we enable all driver features (or as many as possible) on each version. Just download our modded inf for your preferred driver and use it to replace the inf that comes with the driver files. Reinstall the driver, using the modded inf, and you should be all set.

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Thanks for your help. I will try it and tell you what happened. I hope the blank screen problem doesn't come along with "enabling all features". I wonder if someone else has had that problem and know the exact cause of it. IMO that happens when some service/driver/whatchamacallit is loaded, a service/etc that doesn't come with dell driver's.

In case something goes bizarre, anyone can help me with the steps to leave my system the way it is now, before installing the new inf? (System Restore is the way to go. But do I need first to uninstall the driver .... or just go to an earlier date?)

Thanx again and sorry for the delay. i-net issues


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