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Dell XPS Geforce 7950gtx low fps


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I just bought a new DELL XPS with 512MB Geforce 7950 GTX and Windows Vista Home Premium, which is my biggest nightmare.

Anyways I installed first game Im addicted to - World of Warcraft, and yes the game looks amazing with the highest details and the highest resolution, but I get 50-60 fps and it goes down to 25 in the cities. Ok, I decided to try another game - NFS Carbon, and basically same thing .... 40-50 fps.

Now Ive spend whole night trying to find a solution to this, installed houndreds of drivers (Basically all I could find) - nothing didnt help, no improvment at all.

My questions are :

1. Did anyone actaually managed to solve this problem ? How? Any drivers that actually work out there ?

2. Im thinking about formating my HD now and installing Windows XP - Will XPS work fine on older Win XP, or its just a waste of time?

Please help, Im desperate and didnt sleep for 2 days now trying to sort it out.


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Guest Blahman

Did it ever occur to you that these just might be normal framerates for those particular game engines? Try benchmarking with more proven engines like HL2 or 3DMark06. Don't go tearing up your nice new computer just because a CPU-dependent MMO and a s***ty arcade racer don't run at >100FPS.

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Vista changed the way that drivers talk to the hardware - so until Microsoft get around to improving this the best nVidia, ATi can do is try,,, but nothing will get significantly better until MS get their act together.

Now - NFS carbon is reasonably demandnig to start with... so I'm not altogether suprised. I've only got a go 6600 but I could barey play the demo. WoW I could run happily, so yes I would expect better there.

XP will be an improvement, however rather than reformatting altogether I'd get something like Partition Magic, and run XP and Vista side-by-side.... this way you can have all the goodies with Vista (or at least no headaches moving back to Vista when things improve) and the gaming performance of XP.

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