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go 6200+vista+multiple monitor=problem

Guest Jonny

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Guest Jonny


I have a sony vaio vgn-fs285m using a nvidia go 6200 128mb. My OS is XP SP2 (Home). I recently upgraded to Vista Home Premium.

I did all the compatability checks before hand and was told that my graphics card was compatible.

However, upon upgrading, I found that I lost the ability to extend my desktop. I also lost the nvidia control panel as far as i could tell! (as in when i right click on the desktop, the control panel is not there).

While i could extend my desktop to my external display (mirai 27" hdtv/monitor via vga), the two monitors (laptop and external) both constantly switch to blank black screens for a second or two and then back to the desktop, then black again etc....The resolution of each display is also reduced when the screens first return from being blank. This continues until I disable my external monitor, at which point I can switch the laptop resolution back to 1280x800 and it stays there. The native resolution of my external display is also not picked up by the computer (1360x768) and as nvidia control is no longer present (i think) i can not set a custom resolution.

I updated my nvidia driver thorugh the sony website to 97.46. This made no difference to my problem. Using the modded inf from your site, i was able to regain the nvidia control panel and set my custom resolution but this did not help either.

My knowledge on computers is limited so I did not know what else to try. I did notice that an open issue on the 97.46 driver as listed on your site was that the screen turns blank and so presume that I just have to wait for updated drivers?

I had aero turned on and did not think to try turning it off...might this solve the problem?

However, since I was unable to use my external display i had to revert to windows xp where everything works fine. When an updated driver solving this issue is released, or when someone suggests a solution, i will reload vista and give it a try.

I can't think of any other detail to add, but let me know if i missed anything.

oh yeah, i forgot....I set the external display as the primary monitor, and as the screens turn blank and come back on, the taskbar switches from screen to screen constantly.

Anyway, any help and suggestions would be very appreciated...i dont know what other drivers i could maybe try...?


(sorry for long post)

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