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As has been said before, last month we had a Hard Drive crash which destroyed about 2 months worth of posts in the forums.

This meant there was a big hole in driver feedback, we've managed to get the data back (a huge thanks to eclipsebase) but alas the posts cannot be restored.

So the feedback is lost, we can restart the posts by making new threads (may take some time)

But you guys are so lucky that we also have a driver database that can be reached by going here.

Here all the drivers that we have on the server (drivers are on a seperate server (11.5GB worth)) and are not affected by forum crashes or other anomalies.

The driver database is updated everytime a driver is uploaded, with a special process build into our packer.

The database gets updated not instantly (where forum has an advantage) but usually every other day or so (done manually)

The database at the moment is your best bet for driver downloads at the moment.

Links to the driver, modded iNF and feedback are there, also the size and wether it's WHQL is also displayed.

This can all be sorted in various ways.

Each OS version has it's own section to boot to make it easy to find the driver of choice.

When the Hard drive crashed, we were in the middle of shfiting the INFs to new directories to tidy this up for the database (has been done)

But the crash has left some threads with broken links, should this happen try the Driver database (as above) for correct links.

Lack of driver updates and issues are taking a little longer, not replying to PM's these are all caused due to another bad timing on the HD crash.

Me, Teraphy, ®®® and sn0wl are all very busy at the moment, and cannot spend as much time here as we'd all like to.

We are not going through a slow death, for the next few weeks I'll be busy, but after that I at least will be able to spend more time houding drivers and modding INFs.

Even now as we try to recover from the crash, other things break and need attention.

There may be times things arn't going as they should, we're trying to fix and upgrade the site so please bare with us.

I hope this explains the issues we've had these last few weeks and why things are not as quick to be resolved.

There may be more issues for a little longer till we get sorted, but we should end up better than before.

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Noice :)

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Yes, right in the middle of, do not disturb me :)

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