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I don't doubt that this has somehow/somewhere been answered before, but I either can't use the search tool effectively or it's been answered using language that I haven't used in a way to result in positive hits..... go figure.

I've been hanging out here for a couple of years now to fetch my drivers for the Inspiron XPS's that I've owned and I love the site. Lots of friendly advise and tons of tech info about what happens under the hood.

The one thing I haven't done that a lot of folks here do is constantly update my drivers. I tend to sit tight on a driver version once I figure that it's stable for me and doing what I expect. This is the main reason why I have my question.........I've just gotten too out-of-date and haven't been able to figure this out.

What's the difference in these driver versions? nVidia used to just pump out drivers that were kinda serialized.....now they seem to scatter their numbers. For example:

Forceware 95.xx

Forceware 98.xx

Forceware 100.xx

Forceware 101.xx

Forceware 158.xx

Forceware 160.xx

Forceware 165.xx

...and whatever else.

I'm running Vista x86 with the Geforce Go 7950 GTX chip. Can someone please decrypt this stuff for me? I assume there's got to be some kind of method to this madness of driver versioning coming out of nvidia.

Super thanks!!!!!!!!! :)

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Your GPU was released when the 95 series ruled supreme.

Here is what I think is going on:

100 series, a continuation of the 95 series.

155, 160, 165 series are probably going down different paths to test DX10

I have no idea of nV's logic with these.

I'm currently using 162.15 with my go7900GS if this helps any.

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