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Advanced Timing and Custom Resolutions

Guest gkyle001

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Guest gkyle001

Hi there

I am running a Toshiba A100-VA9 with a GeForce Go 7600 card.

No matter what driver I install under Vista Home Premium, the nVidia control panel doesn't have any listings for Advanced Timing or for Custom Resolutions.

I use a 20" widescreen monitor at home and at the office and they are both 1680x1050 resolution.

Even under XP I had to use the nVidia control panel to create a custom resolution and use Advanced Timing options to change the sync polarity. Unfortunately, I don't have these options under Vista and am forced to use 1600x1200 resolution which distorts everything on screen. The quality is good, but all graphics are out of proportion.

Does anyone know how I can get an nVidia control panel with Ad. Timing and Custom Res. options available??

I have tried drivers 97.46, 97.59, and 101.28 with modded inf's and still the options aren't even available in the nVidia control panel.

Other issues are, any time I right-click on the desktop (to open the control panel), or do a few other routine tasks, the screen goes black for a few seconds.

The display will also switch back to the laptop instead of the external monitor at times for no reason and the option in the control panel to switch to external display will be gone for a few minutes and then come back again after restarting the control panel a few times.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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