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s video to LG flat screen


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Hello, I was wondering if any one can tell me how to get the s video out put connection to work on my inspiron 5150, I would like to connect my laptop to my 42 inch LG 50pc1dr. I have connected the s video to the laptop and flat screen then I hit the "fn" plus f8 button to get it to enable but the laptop screen only turns black and nothing comes out on the flat screen. Can any one tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help!


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Read nvidia's documentation about how to enable TV output in the control panel.

Guide for newer drivers with new control panel:


Guide for older drivers or classic style control panel.


I prefer the classic control panel myself, you should be able to enable it in most or all newer drivers.

You want to enable dual view or clone mode, and might want to turn video mirroring on for the secondary display, or just use media playback software with proper dual monitor support. (media player classic)

You can easily access the XP display settings menu to enable standard dualview and access the old school control panel.

So that 42inch LCD does not have a VGA, DVI, or HDMI input in it? That is what I would use.

Edit: *Looks up TV*

You much better off using a VGA cable and running it at 1366x768 with overscan adjustment if necessary.

If your laptop has DVI you can also use a DVI to HDMI cable with that display.

Your wasting your time using s-video on that TV.

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Thanks for all your help, i tried to enable dual monitor but it still didn't do anything, I do have a vga out put so I will most likely purchase a vga cable and go that route. My plans originally where just to be able to use the flat screen the see everything in a big monitor however if you feel its a waist of time then I wont even bother with it. Thanks Again!!

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Make sure you select svideo instead of composite from the selection on the TV out page and the proper video standard (PAL or NTSC) to get it to show up.

Your TV could also be the problem, you might have to select the option to force TV detection.

Even with svideo out you will have a low res secondary monitor and it will be very difficult to even read text at 640x480 from web pages and stuff without enlarged text.

If you get a VGA cable and adjust it properly you could run webpages with really good clarity and other general programs, and you could watch 720p HD videos on it as well.

Make sure the VGA cable that you get has the proper gender connections on each end.

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