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Geforce FX Go 5200 problems...or SYSTEM problem...


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Hello everyone..

Everything runs great in windows but when I play any game at all, (wow, guild wars, counter strike, DOD...) they ALL get really choppy after like 10-15minutes of playing...then I have to exit the game and go back in...

does this sound like a driver problem? I am using 67.42 drivers...

also, is there any kind of Video BIOS update out there for this card??

And finally, is there a way I can somehow dedicate some of my system memory to my video card?

THank u!!

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Your card is overheating and slowing down to keep from frying. The most frequent fix is is to get a can of compressed air and blast out the cooling vents in one of the ports on the back panel. You'll be surprised how much dust comes out.

Also, if you're overclocking, don't. The Go5200 overheats very easily and it doesn't take much overclocking to push it over the edge.

Your driver should be fine. On Dell machines, the video BIOS is usually included with the system BIOS. If you're running the latest system BIOS, you should be all set. Unfortunately, there's no way to increase the video RAM, either physically or by using system RAM. If you have a 32MB card, you should upgrade to the 64MB version. Other than that, you're in pretty much the same boat as the rest of us Go5200 users.

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