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Help, my 440 is dying.


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Hi, I own a Toshiba DynaBook G5 (bought in Japan 4 years ago) with a dying GeForce4 440 Go 32MB inside. Currently I have to manually lower the memory and clock speed in order for it to work comfortably (that is, without jaggy/ flickering lines). So, I'm thinking of doing one of these:

1) Change the graphic module card to the exact one used in Dell notebooks, though I don't know if it's compatible or not.

2) Change graphic module to a different compatible one, like Quadro Go.

3) Modify the heat pipe or do something to better take out the excessive heat.

I need inputs from you GPU masters to solve this and hopefully, with details on how to actually accomplish it.

Thank you.

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Don't waste your time on the first 2. Dell cards won't work in Toshiba's.

Although if there is a Toshiba Quadro go for that particular laptop it would work, but I doubt one was ever made.

As for number 3, you could try some arctic silver 5, and maybe adding some extra copper and/or fans.

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Ok, so, where would I find the ones made for Toshiba? All I get is the ones for Dell. I desperately need to replace this thing. Or is there any other options or ideas?

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Why don't you call Toshiba?

Toshiba direct, Ebay, and finding a buyer here are really your only options.

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