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Inspiron e1705 - Vista 32b - BSOD


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Firstly, let me say, "kudos!" for running an amazing site! I ran across this site while searching for a new set of Nvidia drivers that will hopefully end my BSOD issue from the 84.63 Nvidia drivers.

My problem is that the Dell GeForce Go 7900 GS drivers cause any games I run to operate at very low FPS. I am currently running Windows Vista 32b, and I opted for the 84.63 Nvidia drivers found on their website for laptops using the 7800/7900 Go GPU. I installed the drivers in Windows XP compatibility mode, and they seem to work well for the most part. I have, however, run into a BSOD problem that rears its ugly head whenever I try to view video files (e.g. .wmv). The BSOD I receive is due to a page fault error, and I had read somewhere else on the Net about another user getting around this by installing separate MPEG2 decoders...anyway, I have come here to seek your advice or to be pointed in the direction of another thread that has already conquered this problem for my specific laptop.

Feel free to post a response...anything really...I will more than likely play around with some modded .inf files and new Nvidia drivers, but I am first wondering if anyone that has an Inspiron e1705 with a GeForce Go 7900GS has found a good set of drivers and/or modded .inf.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to contributing to this community! :-)

UPDATE: The v101.44 drivers seem to work well thus far, with the only downside being that once again, I can barely play any games. The FPS count drops too low, and I am wondering why this is the case with the 101.44 drivers and many other driver released by Dell. The 84.63 drivers worked great, and so I wonder what the big jump was that caused such a dramatic decrease in performance.

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I have almost the same laptop as you and I am currently using the 162.18 and have not had any problems with it at all. I have found that drivers with the WHQL Certificate runs the best with the Go 7900 GS

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