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top performance for ONE game


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hi all !

first of all, gratz ! and thanks for this forum ! it's very helpfull ! i have found all the driver ^^

now i know my computer works better, but i want him to do his best for one specific game.

how to know if one driver is better or not ? are there programs to check this ?


ps: i'd like to post it in FAQ but i don't have the autorisation, i hbope it's not a problem if i've posted here ^^

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To find the best performance for a particular game you will have to benchmark multiple drivers with that game yourself.

You should pick a few recent drivers that work well on your card and run the game's benchmark utility or turn the FPS counter on.

We don't currently have a list like that, way to many games out there for us to ever test them all with all drivers.

The FAQ section's new topic creation is disabled for most members due to being created solely for FAQ style "how to" topics.

We have support and gaming sections specifically for help and support, and of course an OT section as well.

It would help for you to mention what games your playing if you want any of us that might know some good drivers to give you some driver suggestions.

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I'm looking for the best settings for lineage 2, but i don't think a lot of people play this game and so know which drivers are good for my geforce go 6200 tc

i'm going to do it myself, but i don't know anything about benchmark utilitys or how to know the FPS.

is there a benchmark utility for each game ?

should i use 3Dmark ? is it the only way ?

I know there is no best driver for every applications, but i've not find any post which said how to test you drivers, or chose it for a specific application.

could you help me ?


ps: sorry if my english is bad... ^^;

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Some games have an actual benchmark mode (FEAR, some UT games, ect), on others you can turn the frames per second display (FPS) on.

On this lineage 2 site they mentioned using fraps to find the FPS, that would work.


I couldn't find any information about setting up a hotkey on the game though.

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thank you very much bill !

that's amazing how this forum and your help are usefull :)

i'm gonna post my results if somebody is interested in

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