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8600M GT; DX10 not supported


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I'm currently new to this forum, so if there is something wrong with topic title or the continent of this post, please send me a PM, don't post it here.

I'm sitting here with at new laptop, a Compal IFl90+ with the following spesifications:

Santa Rosa chipset

Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.00GHZ 4MB Cache

160GB SATA 5400RPM 2.5"

2GB DDR2 667MHz SO-DIMM RAM (2 x 1GB)

GeForce Go 8600M GT 512mb ram

Running on Windows Vista64 Ultimate. (64bit OS).

It's a somewhat new model on the market so driver support is still lacking, compal have yet to bother to publish drivers on their homepage.

So I've turned to laptopvideo2go, as I've done many times before :) Only this time I'm in the need of a little help; I need 64bit display drivers for 8600M GT with support for DX10.

I've searched the forum but can only seem to find 32bit drivers for my display adapter.

I've tried a few, one gave me bluescreen, some worked with DX9 software, other totally sucked in DX9...

Is there anyone out there with the same display adapter and with Vista64 out there who can help me?

Thanks for reading so far!


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Hi :)

Youre Problem are not the Drivers for youre GPU!

The Problem you have is Windows Vista ULTIMATE 64bit!!!!!!!!

The most Programs and Games are not run on Vista 64bit! You have to try the Vista Ultimate 32bit Edition! Its Stupid but the only Way!

Good Luck and sry for my damm english :)

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Guest Polden

photo-place.eu is right.

I have the same laptop, NOTHING worked with the 64-bit Vista I installed.

Had to downgrade to 32-bit to get anything to work. And believe me, your life will be easier if you downgrade.

Alex =)

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