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problems installing 84.69 drivers


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I tried to install the 84.69 video drivers on my Dell inspiron xps gen2 laptop with a geforce 6800 ultra video card. I substituted the mod inf, deleted the prior drivers, self selected the extracted drivers and installed them. After rebooting i got back to the normal desktop momentarily then got a blue screen stating that there was a problem with a driver, NV4 mini.sys.

Had to reboot in safe mode and roll back the drivers.

Tried several times with same results.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Those installation blue screens are almost always caused by conflicting driver versions. Usually uninstalling the previous driver, under Add/Remove Preograms in the Windows Control Panel, will do the trick. In your case, it looks like something else is going on or the uninstall isn't working for some reason. You can try running a driver cleaner after you uninstall and see if it helps.

But before you put too much work into it, we've had reports of similar crashes from other users trying to install 84.69 and have never been able to satisfactorily track it down. If you like the 84 series (and it's an excellent series), I highly recommend trying 84.98. It's the last and most stable of the 84 series and has been working flawlessly for me for a couple of months now.

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my previous drivers were the 78.51 driver from Dell. I did uninstall those prior to installing the 84.69 without success. I was able to install the 84.25 version which seems to be working ok so far.

I was urgerd to upgrade my driver due to problems with guild wars.

Do you think the 84.98 drivers are better than the 84.25 version?

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It looks like yours is one of the machines that doesn't like 84.69.

84.98 might be worth a try. I haven't heard of anyone having problems with it. There are a lot of game fixes in the later 84 drivers. You can always drop back to 84.25 if it doesn't work right.

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