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Hey all. I've got a question. I've tried countless driver combinations and I can't seem to get rid of this problem. I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron e1705 with a 7900gs, and no matter which driver I use, be it the basic Dell drivers, ones from this site or otherwise, I have vertical tearing no matter where I am. It happens in oblivion, while I'm running firefox, you name it, whenever there's vertical motion, I get horizontal bars leaving traces on my computer screen. I'm not sure how long the problem has been around, but I do know that it happening in oblivion is what caused me to start looking for answers. I've tried tons of drivers, as I said above, especially ones people said were the most stable. These include:

Dell's Default (not sure the number... it's the one on their driver download site for the 7900gs)

Microsoft's Drivers from Windows Update

A few 90s series


101.44 Dell


101.70 Tweaks R Us version




All of these result in problems. The 90s series say I can't use Aero, so I didn't even test them further. Dell's default off their site goes to hell when I watch videos in iTunes or even when I watch the nVidia control panel animation lol. I read somewhere on here that 101.7 is the most stable version for my card, and the Tweaks R Us version offered excellent performance. This is true. I'm using the tweaked version, and I must say my fps in oblivion is pretty rocking... but alas, the tearing is still a problem. So I'm wondering... what should I do? I don't think it's a driver problem... Which leads me to believe it's either my screen that's wigging out or my video card. The video card, by the way, is flashed with jnaulu's unlocking bios so that I can overclock, with the memory optimization checked and the voltage increased, however, I've tried it on stock bios and the problem is the same. Help?

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