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Noob s.o.s.


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I have an HP DV8000 series which had core duo 1.66GHz and GeForce Go 7600 256MB video.

Just upgraded the cpu to a Merom T7400.

Fancied trying a better driver than the old 2006 versions that appear to install with Vista 32 (Ultimate).

I downloaded 158.24 Forceware for Vista 32 from the NVidia site.

Then I downloaded the modded .inf file for 158.24 from the LaptopVideo 2 Go site.

I extracted the NVidia files into a folder, then copied over the modded .inf file.

Problem is, when I run setup, it gets only so far then halts, stating it is only compatible with Vista 32. But I definitely downloaded the Vista 32 driver and Vista 32 modded .inf -in fact I did both twice to be sure.

Why is the setup assuming I don't have Vista 32-bit running?

Any help folks t.i.a.


grateful noob

ps what is the small 'driver' file for (the one that proceeds the modded inf file on the Laptovideo to go site) -do I replace something with this file? read the quickstart guide, can't seem to find what it is for.

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